Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Obssesion: The Hunger Games

If you have not read The Hunger Games, then you are missing out. Like seriously. Just today my 33 year old math teacher said she didn't sleep for a whole day because she started to read the series. She read all three books in 3 days. If that doesn't prove my point I don't know what else will.

I read the first book in the series in 2009, and then each consecutive book when it came out. By now I think I've read the first two books at least 3 times each, and the last one twice. If you haven't heard they're making a movie of the first book that comes out THIS YEAR. To be precise it comes out on March 23rd. Well needless to say, I know what I'll be doing on midnight that night (or is it morning?).

Tumblr has some amazing hunger games art. My favorite ones are in motion, like this one:

click on it if it's not moving

I have a couple more of my faves posted on my tumblr, so feel free to check it out. liajm.tumblr.com

I'm really looking forward to the movie, and I'm fairly confidant that the movies aren't going to ruin the books like they did in the case of Twilight. You can't deny it, the part one of breaking dawn was pretty atrocious. I think the only good part of the the twilight movies is Taylor Lautner. Just saying...

I know, why is his shirt on, right? Well the guys of the Hunger Games aren't too shabby either.

There's Peeta:

And there's Gale:

Two guys, one girl. Sounds familiar, huh? Well, you gotta keep things interesting I guess.

If you have not seen the trailer yet, go look it up on you tube, it is FANTASTIC. I had the jitters for a minute after the first time I saw it. Then I hit replay.

The official hunger games song has also been released and it's called "safe & sound". It's by Taylor Swift (love her!) and civil War. I've been listening to it non stop for the last 24 hours. I highly recommend that you look it up on you tube as well.

Well this post was very different than my last 3, but I hope you enjoyed it, and if you are not already obsessed with the hunger games like I am, all you need to do is pick up the book. Happy readings!

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